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How To Make A Sparkling Negroni

How To Make A Sparkling Negroni

This drink is exactly what it sounds like, and it's awesome. Here we take the classic Negroni spec, give it a little citrus kick, and turn it into an adult soda. I also show you how to bottle a cocktail which makes a great roadie or a gift.


  1. Cocktail set (includes Boston shaker, jigger, bar spoon, hawthorne strainer, fine mesh strainer, julep strainer, muddler, cocktail picks)

  2. Angled measuring jigger

  3. Fancy mixing glass

  4. Champagne flute

  5. Carbonator

  6. Clear bottles

  7. Bottle caps

  8. Bottle capper

Sparkling Negroni

  • 1oz (30ml) Campari (ideally infused with strawberries)

  • 1oz (30ml) sweet vermouth

  • 1oz (30ml) gin

  • .25 (7ml) lime juice

  • 2 drops of saline solution or pinch of salt

  • 2.5oz (75ml) filtered water

  1. Add all ingredients to a mixing glass

  2. Chill contents as cold as possible without freezing solid

  3. Add to a carbonator, carbonate twice

  4. Pour into a chilled champagne flute or bottle it

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