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Avengers "Infinity Cocktail"

Avengers "Infinity Cocktail"

What would Thanos drink after a long day of battling Avengers and snapping fingers? I imagine a complex man like Thanos would go for a Pousse Café, a labor-intensive cocktail of layered liqueurs. To prepare for the Endgame, here I made a version that represents each of the six infinity stones to celebrate the launch of my new "perfectly balanced" t-shirt.  

Infinity Cocktail

  • Reality stone: 0.5oz (15ml) grenadine

  • Space stone: 0.5oz (15ml) blue curaçao

  • Power stone: 0.5oz (15ml) crème de violette

  • Mind stone: 0.5oz (15ml) yellow chartreuse

  • Soul stone: 0.5oz (15ml) Grand Marnier

  • Time stone: 0.5oz (15ml) green chartreuse

  1. In the order listed above, slowly layer in each liqueur into the champagne flute using a layering tool or the back of a spoon

  2. Rinse the layering device with water after each layer

  3. Sip slowly!

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